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From San Valentino di Brentonico, 1312 m. 

You can reach San Valentino directly from Avio via the Val dei Molini or from Brentonico. S.P 3 to the Graziani refuge,1620 m.( 5 km from San Valentino). From the car-park after the Graziani refuge follow the 633 SAT dirt road to the Altissimo refuge ( 60-75 min. walk). This is the classic route, easily reached in summer, a bit more tiring in winter due to the ban on all vehicles. 

From San Giacomo, 1196 m. ( hamlet of Brentonico)

Follow path 622 to malga Campo,(1667 m) and then across the NE ridge to the refuge: 140 – 160 min.walk. This is a very popular route in winter for alpine ski lovers. 

From Piani di Festa di Brentonico, 885 m. ( 2 km from Brentonico) 

Follow the 650 SAT path and then the  624 SAT path to malga Campei or the Campei refuge at 1469 m. Continue on the 624 path to the Grasso Baita at 1665 m. and then after the fork for Mount Varagna along the Val del Parol  to the Bocca Paltrane. Here take the 622 SAT path that comes from Malga Campo to the Altissimo refuge. Alternatively you could take the 601 SAT path at the Monte Varagna fork, 1780 m. This path goes in the direction of Mount Nago, 1875 m. to the Altissimo refuge. Walking time: c. 3 hrs.

From Nago. 222 m.

From Nago follow the road signs for Monte Altissimo del Baldo. The tarmac road leads to a car-park at 1550 m. altitude, north of Mount Varagna. The walk begins on a dirt trail and then onto the  601 SAT path towards Mount Nago, 1875 m. . Keep on following the signs painted on the rocks and you'll eventually see the refuge on your right. Walking time: 90-105 minutes from the car-park.

From San Valentino to Malga Bes.

From San Valentino,1312 m. take the 650 SAT path “ sentiero delle Vipere” to Corne Bes. After a short equipped route and after reaching Malga Bes, 1516 m.  continue to Bocca del Creer, 1624 m. and then onto the Graziani refuge, 1617 m. Straight after the latter take the 633 SAT dirt road to the Altissimo refuge. Walking time: 130 – 150 min.

From the Bocca di Navene, 1425 m. 

There are 2 ways to reach this locality: the first is via the cable-way from Malcesine, the second is via the Monte Baldo provincial road from San Valentino to the Graziani refuge.

The walk starts on a tarmac road to the start of the 651 SAT path  that you'll see on your left. The first part of the path goes through woods, over the Navene ridge, then up over the ridges of the Lastè di Tolghe and onto the Busa Brodeghera. From the grassy meadows, the path leads onto an old military path and then onto the 633 SAT dirt path, that takes you to the Altissimo refuge.

Walking time: c 90-120 minutes.

From Malcesine 89 m. 

Take the cable-lift : it's a wonderful way to admire the surrounding environment. Once off the cable-lift turn left to the Baita dei Forti, 1752 m, and follow path 651 over the grassy meadows of the Colma di Malcesine.  From here you descend  along path 651 to the Bocca di Navene at 1,425m.  Keep on the main road and follow the 651 path off the tarmac road up to the Navene ridge, over the Laste di Tolghe ridges to the Busa Brodeghera  The path continues on a dirt track to  the Altissimo refuge. Walking time: 150 – 170 min.

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